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Metro 2033 Only Reloaded: How to Master the Ammunition System

Metro 2033 is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter game set in the Moscow Metro in the year 2033. The game features a unique ammunition system that requires players to manage two types of bullets: home-made and military-grade. In this article, we will explain how the ammunition system works and how to use it effectively in Metro 2033 Only Reloaded, a mod that enhances the game's graphics, gameplay, and difficulty.

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Home-made vs Military-grade Ammo

Home-made ammo is the most common type of ammo in Metro 2033. It is made by the survivors of the nuclear war using scrap metal and gunpowder. Home-made ammo is cheap and plentiful, but it is also less powerful and accurate than military-grade ammo. Home-made ammo is used by most of the weapons in the game, such as the Bastard Gun, the Kalash (AK-74), the VSV (VSS), and the Kalash 2012 (FN P90).

Military-grade ammo, on the other hand, is a rare and valuable type of ammo in Metro 2033. It is the pre-war standard ammunition that was used by the Russian army. Military-grade ammo is shiny and golden, and it has a red base. Military-grade ammo is more powerful and accurate than home-made ammo, but it is also more expensive and scarce. Military-grade ammo can be used by the same weapons as home-made ammo, but it can also be used as currency to buy items and upgrades from vendors.

How to Switch Between Ammo Types

To switch between home-made and military-grade ammo, you need to hold the reload button on your keyboard or controller. When you do this, you will see an ammunition graphic on your screen that shows you which type of ammo you have loaded in your weapon. If the base of the bullet is reddish/brownish, you are using home-made ammo. If the bullet's circumference is gold, you are using military-grade ammo. You can also check your inventory screen to see how much of each type of ammo you have left.

When to Use Each Ammo Type

The choice of which ammo type to use depends on your situation and preference. Generally speaking, home-made ammo is better for stealthy and conservative playstyles, while military-grade ammo is better for aggressive and risky playstyles. Here are some tips on when to use each ammo type:

  • Use home-made ammo when you are fighting against weak or common enemies, such as nosalises (pug-faced mutants) or bandits. Home-made ammo will save you money and resources, and it will still do enough damage to kill them.

  • Use military-grade ammo when you are fighting against strong or rare enemies, such as demons (bat-winged gargoyles) or librarians (giant ape-like mutants). Military-grade ammo will do more damage and penetrate their armor, making them easier to kill.

  • Use home-made ammo when you are trying to be stealthy and avoid detection. Home-made ammo is quieter and less noticeable than military-grade ammo, so you can sneak past enemies or take them out silently.

  • Use military-grade ammo when you are in a loud or chaotic situation. Military-grade ammo is louder and more visible than home-made ammo, so you can attract attention or intimidate enemies. Military-grade ammo also has a higher chance of causing critical hits or headshots, which can be useful in a firefight.

  • Use home-made ammo when you are low on money or resources. Home-made ammo is cheaper and easier to find than military-grade ammo, so you can conserve your currency and supplies for later.

  • Use military-grade ammo when you are rich or desperate. Military-grade ammo is more expensive and harder to find than home-made ammo, so you can spend your currency and supplies for a boost in power and performance.


The ammunition system in Metro 2033 Only Reloaded is one of the most interesting and challenging aspects of the game. It forces players to think strategically and adapt to different scenarios. By knowing how to switch between home-made and military-grade ammo, and when to use each type of ammo, you can master the ammunition system and survive the harsh world of Metro 2033.


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